Top 5 Poorest countries in the World

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Top 5 Poorest countries in the World. We have done richest countries now it's time for poorest countries. The countries in this list are the poorest countries of all the countries on earth.

This list is based on Gross Domestic Product Based on Purchasing-Power-Parity Per Capita.

5. Liberia - $700

One of the filthiest places on the Earth with no basic amenities for life. The horrible sanitation system and lack of food is a thorough combination for destruction and devastation. With arbitrary rules and a collapsed economy, the country is facing crisis on a larger scale. Almost half of its population survives on less than 1$ a day which is a pretty pathetic standard of living...

4. Burundi - $600

The country has suffered from warfare, corruption, poor access to education and the effects of HIV/AIDS. Burundi is densely populated and experiences substantial emigration.
According to the DHL Global Connectedness Index, Burundi is the least globalized country in the world. The pandemic spread of HIV/AIDS is a common disease in this country.

3. Somalia - $600

If you are wasting the food served on your plate, think twice! Known for its food scarcity, Somalia is said to have been hit by the worst natural and man-made famines thus, devastating its existence. Largely famous for their pirates at the international level, it has been termed as the world's most dangerous country to live, not just because of its terrorist activities but also because of its economic conditions...

2. Zimbabwe - $600

Zimbabwe is not only known for its poverty stricken-Mal nutrition people, awkward geography or food scarcity but also for violating the rights to shelter, food, freedom of movement and residence, freedom of assembly and the protection of the law. Home to precious metals, minerals and other natural resources, the lives of its inhabitants are miserable. Despite the fact that the country's soil is invested with diamonds...

1. Democratic Republic of Congo - $400

The Second Congo War, beginning in 1998, devastated the country and is sometimes referred to as the "African world war" because it involved nine African nations and twenty armed groups. With a respectable 53 years of independence, Congo has faced a long and unending series of social military conflicts which has cut down its development to its foundation. Also, conflict for control of the mineral wealth has lead to some of the most violent atrocities.

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