Review about the best Ethiopian Restaurant in Dubia - Zagol Restaurant

What we went for: lunch on a Friday afternoon to introduce one of the not so well known wonders of the food world- abyssinian aka Ethiopian cuisine to one of our colleagues

Ambience: You feel you have entered an Ethiopian home on an Indian street:).
jabenas(coffee pots), safed( wooden basket to serve injera), mudai ( basket to store like trinkets), habesha( traditional attire) adorn the bright orange pink walls. 5-7 mesobs( traditional tables) can fit the snug little restaurant. Service is polite and bordering on shy as far as non-Ethiopian customers are concerned.

 What we ordered: mahaberawi( assortment of stews and vegetables with injera) a great introduction for the newbies, tibs ( grilled meat) and shiro ( chick pea stew) and to finish it all off- coffee and popcorn

Price: very reasonable at aed 135 for 3

Verdict: for the uninitiated, you are on a journey of discovering a wondrous cuisine.
Injera- the slightly tangy spongy rolled pancake made up of super cereal Teff is used to mop up the stews- shiro, doro wat, stir fried vegetables like gomen(spinach), cabbage and beans and the highlight and my favorite- tibs( grilled meat)and kitfo( minced meat). The sauces and seasonings- mustard, mitmitA and awaze add a thousand incredible sensations.
There is no place for cutlery or shyness. So get ready to dig in and eat what you like from the communal platter.
For those who are well acquainted with Ethiopian food, Zagol does justice and also makes it a complete cultural experience.
The coffee ritual - the freshly brewed coffee that is brought to your mesob enveloped in frankincense smoke is just what you need to wake you up from the food induced stupor:).

Would I go back? This is my 5th visit and when I crave gluten free comfort food which could be every other month.. I will be back.. 

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