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  • Copyright amendment: a game changer

    In April 2007, the Malawi Broadcasting Station (MBS), a state-owned radio station, had its office furniture and cars impounded by the country’s police following a dispute over unpaid music royalties.

    The measures followed a long-running legal wrangle between the station and the Copyright Society of Malawi (COSOMA). A Malawi court ordered MBS to pay USD 250,000 to COSOMA for years of accumulated music royalties. The confiscation was aimed at ensuring MBS pays up the sum. 

    COSOMA, a consortium of associations in the field of intellectual property, is a statutory body tasked to enforce copyright laws of Malawi. Boasting a history of over two decades, the society is considered a role model for the rest of Africa in the protection of copyright. Here is one of the six African countries where an Ethiopian delegation went last year to draw lessons. The delegation was tasked with the responsibility of proposing an amendment to the Copyrights and Neighboring Rights Protection Proclamation (No. 410/2004) of Ethiopia.

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  • Ethio Telecom to roll out new services

    Ethio Telecom to roll out new services

    Ethio Telecom’s Corporate Communications Head Abdurahim Ahmed stated the company is running tests on the new services. The 4G service is up and running in line with the recently completed network expansion project.

    The new service will allow Ethio Telecom to provide app services for mobile phones using its own servers ending its reliance on expensive foreign servers.

    In addition to the latest addition to Ethio Telecom’s conference call service, Ahmed said the company will offer video and voice mail services to its customers. The company will also introduce call reminder services for switched off phones.

    The new services employ the use of a modern network and smart phones, and the system will deactivate stolen or contraband mobile devices, Ahmed said.

    The services, depending on their nature, will commence from December 2014 to March 2015.

    Source: diretube

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  • Court hands down prison sentence for an Eritrean trained terror convict

    Court hands down prison sentence for an Eritrean trained terror convict

    The Federal High Court 19th Bench handed Gashaw Shibabaw, a member of the outlawed Ethiopian People Patriotic Front (EPPF), a prison sentence of four years and eight months without probation.

    The convict received shelter, training and logistical assistance from the Eritrean regime under the auspices of the terrorist group EPPF, before crossing into Ethiopia with his full military gear to launch terrorist attacks in the country.

    In a statement the convict gave to police, he admitted to joining EPPF, a terrorist group supported by the notorious regime in Asmara and received military and political training in a place called Erena.

    Two years ago, the convict crossed into Ethiopia with a small insurgent group to mount terrorist attacks in the country and was involved in several skirmishes with local security personnel, before being arrested in May, 2013.

    The Federal Prosecutor brought terrorism charges against the individual and the convict admitted to joining an outlawed terrorist organization, to receiving military and political training in Eritrea, tirelessly working to carry out the group’s missions, illegally crossing into Ethiopia through River Tekeze with his full military gear, forcefully recruiting farmers to join the terrorist group, engaging Ethiopian security forces militarily and attempting to attack government institutions.

    As such, the court sentenced the convict to serve a prison term of four years and eight months without probation.

    Source: diretube

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