Failing Educational System in Ethiopia - We need to work on Quality

Ethiopia used to have a strong Educational system that created quality students who excel in every field of study. Nowadays, There are less Excelling student and more Incompetent ones. With the growing number of newly constructed Universities and thousands of students graduating every single year; one might think Ethiopia is making a progress in Education. However, the lack of quality and incompetence of students reflect a failing Educational System in Ethiopia.


Primary level Education – Failing educational System in Ethiopia

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” Albert Einstein.

Our educational system doesn’t cultivate critical thinking and creativity. Which will affect independent thinking, personal autonomy and reasoned judgment in thought and action of Students.

Students at the primary level can benefit a lot from an educational system that can promote their creativity, Identify their individual interests, develop their confidence and build their decision making ability. Currently students are still being thought with the same old traditional education method; while the world they live in changes rapidly.

At the primary level students should focus more on their interest and basic learning skills, instead their minds are being occupied in memorizing facts and in fulfilling a requirement by the system to validate what they memorize.

There needs to be a nation wide discussion on how to create a better Educational program that can promote critical thinking for primary level students.

Secondary level Education – Failing educational System in Ethiopia

Secondary level education should help students focus on their interest and skills that can lead them to success later in life. At this level students should have a practical knowledge of their education, they should be able to analyze real life problems and develop basic problem skills.

The current system lacks practical aspect of learning; It focuses merely on theory and validating students knowledge on what they can actually memorize rather than assessing a students critical thinking ability and problem solving skills.

There is a huge gap in identifying students with unique skills and abilities. There needs to be a special program for gifted students that can help them excel in their field of interest. And Educational resources should be allocated wisely to benefit students with promising abilities and skills.

The Educational assessments at the Grade 10 and 12 level are structured to favor Quantity of students over Quality. The assessments are not strong enough and fail in filtering below average students. Besides there are no Fixed scale passing points, the scales are set every single year to ensure the maximum number of passing students. Which will impact allocation of Educational resources and the quality of Education to be provided.

Large number of students doesn’t necessarily guaranty us Educated generation and society. We are only creating a loop hole for incompetence. If a student is not competent enough at Grade 10, He or she should be given the opportunity to chase other dreams. Allowing them to pass grades will only waste their precious time and skills.

Higher Education – Failing educational System in Ethiopia

Our Higher Education institutions are a clear reflection of the failing Educational system and the combined effect of poor educational program at the primary and secondary levels.

The Educational system creates a large number of students who seek higher education, which can not be managed with the well established universities in the country. In order to provide higher education access to every student in the county construction of new universities become a necessity.

However,we over did the construction of new universities; The focus went on their quantity not on the quality of Education they can provide, their success was assessed with the number of students that can graduate each year not the quality of graduates and competent students they will create.

The greedy and irresponsible construction companies involved in the construction of these universities used the opportunity to make huge profits. Poorly constructed buildings, cracked walls and floors , poor Toilet and shower provisions, little or no infrastructure, depressing univeristy compound environments, and no recreational and sport centers are the reality of these newly constructed universities.

The Educational program in Universities focus on theory, which apparently is provided by in-capable lecturers with an ego. The lecturers try to make a statement out of the exam they prepare and the Grade they give, which will force Students to focus on their Grades rather than acquiring knowledge and developing their critical thinking.

Universities are now becoming the breeding place of Incompetence, the institutions fail to prepare students for real life problems and career. Graduates lack independent thinking, personal autonomy and reasoned judgment in thought and action through out their career. Incompetence leads to carelessness and irresponsibility, which intern results corrupt practices.

Education helps in shaping our next generation and we need to assess the current educational system to create a better platform for students all over the country.

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