Ethiopians protested IS killings in mass rally

Angry Ethiopians have demonstrated today in Addis Ababa to condemn the IS killings and call for a more prompt government action. The move came as parliament weighed a response to the killings.

Hundreds of protesters departed from the homes of two of the victims and tried to reach Meskel Square on Tuesday but police blocked them. They also tried to go to the Parliament but were blocked again.

Those killed by the extremists were mostly migrants and Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom told lawmakers that the government will take "all necessary action" to protect citizens and will start repatriating those who wish to come home. He said most of the human traffickers of Ethiopian migrants are themselves Ethiopians.

In a related news, Seyoum yikunoamlak, brother of one of the victims (Eyasu), said the victim was previously working in Qatar. He said he was not able to make it in Qatar so came back to Ethiopia and then tried again to reach Europe through Libya.

"He had collected some money from his work in Qatar and started a business here but he was not successful. So, he again tried to go to Europe through Libya but he was caught by IS,"

source: DireTube

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