Diluted in water, mobile phone Treatment Methods

Some phones were designed to easily inideyešerigu Although the water, but the water conditions are not yezegu full-Op to the inner room.

Biwedik’ibiwo any opportunity in the mobile phone water
• quickly out of the water, the phone will get worse damage due the number of invertebrates in the water.
• Closing the phone quickly
• Identify the phone, for example, can quickly get out of the battery and the SIM card

Humidity in the mobile phone can not do this because the phone symptoms, moisture off:

• to save the place that get dry and the wind,
• 100 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures to potentially save your place.

If the phone is also an apple product, the company recommends to remove up to 115 ° F heat and moisture provided.
• wait a few days until išikemiderik’i cell-phone,

The other option is to treat rice phone.

In the end, the water had fallen from a mobile phone to stay in a cash and rice.

This rice is naturally moisture-absorbing moisture to dry it in the phone attractive feature.

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