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  • Failing Educational System in Ethiopia - We need to work on Quality

    Ethiopia used to have a strong Educational system that created quality students who excel in every field of study. Nowadays, There are less Excelling student and more Incompetent ones. With the growing number of newly constructed Universities and thousands of students graduating every single year; one might think Ethiopia is making a progress in Education. However, the lack of quality and incompetence of students reflect a failing Educational System in Ethiopia.

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  • Opinion: The Qilinto Massacre: the truth shall be revealed

    On Saturday, September 3rd 2016, something sinister, ghastly, premeditated and honestly speaking somewhat poorly calculated, transpired in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Abeba. The tragedy in question has, for the most part, managed to avoid the sort of outcry and global condemnation these incidents tend to get when the actors involved are from nations not allied with the United States and its NATO affiliates in their “war on terror.” It has been more than two weeks, and already we are faced with subliminal calls from the conceited to pretend it didn’t happen.

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  • Growing Protests Bring Ethiopia to the Tipping Point - Sept. 2016


    The past weeks have seen an escalation of ongoing protests across Ethiopia—including widespread acts of resistance like citizens shaving their heads in solidarity with jailed opposition leader Bekele Gerba and stay-at-home protests that have turned bustling cities into near ghost-towns. Despite the undeniable peacefulness of these actions, state violence and repression has continued. Earlier this month, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister authorized the National Defence Force to use “its full force to bring rule of law” in the country. Internet shut downs by the government have been used to silence critics. And,  Addis Standard reported, security forces have broken into the homes of those who are “staying in.”

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  • Ethiopian Kiwis welcome support of New Zealand parliament

    or immediate release 8 September, 2016

    Ethiopian Kiwis welcome support of New Zealand parliament

    Ethiopian origin New Zealanders welcome a motion read in Parliament today that challenges the Ethiopian governments killing of civilians.

    One hundred Ethiopian kiwis and supporters marched from Civic Square to Parliament to deliver the message of support for justice and human rights.

    They were met at Parliament by Labour deputy leader Annette King who announced that she had tabled the motion for New Zealand to speak out.

    King asked that “this House call on the Government of New Zealand to speak out at the Security Council of the United Nations on behalf of Ethiopian men, women, and children who are being killed, shot, burnt, and imprisoned by the Government of Ethiopia.”

    Human Rights Watch have reported that more than 400 people, mostly from the Oromo ethnic group, have been killed in this year.

    “We urge you all to be a voice for voiceless Ethiopians. We urge the New Zealand government and opposition parties to condemn and demand an immediate halt to the killings” said Nureddin Abdurahman of Oromo Community, one of the organisers for the march.

    New Zealand currently holds the presidency of the Security Council. When New Zealand’s temporary place on the Security Council ends in December, Ethiopia is one of the countries that will replace it.

    New Zealand is home to more than one-thousand five hundred Ethiopians, most of whom came to New Zealand under the refugee quota in the last 25 years.


    Source: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1609/S00108/ethiopian-kiwis-welcome-support-of-new-zealand-parliament.htm

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  • The ‘Ethiopian Spring’: “Killing is not an answer to our grievances”


    The Ethiopian leadership remains in denial. The long meetings of its ruling bodies have culminated in a report on 15 years of national “rebirth”, in which it awards itself good marks, while acknowledging the existence of a few problems here and there.

    Nonetheless, the odd warning signal may be heard – though very seldom – in counterpoint to the general complacency. Hailemariam Desalegn, prime minister and chairman of what is essentially the single party, has gone so far as to warn that the issues facing the regime are a matter of “life or death”,[1] and that Ethiopia is “sliding towards ethnic conflict similar to that in neighbouring countries”.[2]

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  • EPRDF and the West: A game of bullying and appeasement by Reprieve International

    The article posted by Reprieve International, a registered charity in the UK, has somehow revealed the kind of challenges and the level of influence that EPRDF holds against the UK. The consistent refusal of the Ethiopian Government to give consular access and fair trial for Andargachew Tsegie, a 62 year old Briton, prominent critic of the Ethiopian regime, who was detained unlawfully in 2014 while transiting through Yemen, has caused uproars in the UK and among Ethiopian diaspora.

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  • 6 Ways to Build Confidence that will Make You Truly Unstoppable


    There is one common trait among highly successful people that is universal no matter what it is that they are trying to accomplish: They believe in themselves. Confidence is the difference between “I can’t” and “I am unstoppable”. Remember, no one will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself first. Confidence isn’t just something that happens for most people, it is something that is developed over time.

    Here are 6 ways that you can build the kind of confidence that makes you truly unstoppable in life.

    1. Be Realistic

    The key building personal confidence starts with being real with yourself. Know your abilities, know your limitations. The reason this is so important is because too often we expect more out of ourselves and feel like a failure when we can’t achieve things that are, in reality, nearly impossible.

    2. Embrace Fear

    Fear is an important aspect of confidence. Fear is healthy in the regard that we can overcome it. There is nothing that builds confidence in yourself like looking fear right in the eyes and saying, “Yes, I see you. No, I am not giving in to you. You will not beat me.” Fear exists for a reason, to get our attention and make us focus. Fear doesn’t exist to hold us back.

    3. Pick your Battles

    Picking your battles goes back to being realistic. If you were to set a goal and acknowledge all of the challenges associated with that goal, move through the challenges in a manner that allows for small victories. Build momentum in your quest, so that if there is a setback – it becomes a speed bump and not a road block. You can also see this as taking “baby steps”. Those little victories add up to build your overall confidence along the way.

    4. Understand Your Failures, and Accept  Them

    Failures are not the end of a task. They are a lesson in how the task should be completed. That’s it. Sometimes we need more lessons to finish a certain task than others, but that doesn’t mean that we are inept. It just means that we are learning. Changing your perspective from “failure” to “lesson” is the best way to build confidence in the fact that you’re not messing up, you’re getting better.

    5. Surround Yourself with the Right People

    The team you put yourself on makes all the difference when it comes to confidence. Surround yourself with people that build you up, and support that confidence. Even when it comes to goals that are purely yours like losing weight, the people that support you are the ones that nurture that confidence that you have in yourself.

    6. Make it Tangible

    The truly easiest way to build and develop your personal confidence is to make it tangible. For instance, when you are working toward completing a task, write down what you want to accomplish and what you need to do to get there. As you knock out the little things that are associated with the bigger goal you can step back and say, “Wow I’ve gotten a lot done toward completing this bigger task.” It’s like drawing a map from point A to point B and marking your progress, if you can’t see it – you don’t know how far you’ve really come.

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