5 Reasons Why You Should Be Having $ex Every Day


When it comes to s#x, we often only have one thing on our my mind instead of all of the healthy benefits that come with being intimate with another person. However, there are some certain things about having s#x as often as possible that can really give you the boost that you need whether it be physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Emotional Boost
Having s#x is the ultimate surrender of emotions to someone else entirely. Giving them your every bit of raw feelings and how they make you feel. Even if you both don’t say “I love you” does not mean that it was a wasted experience. Being able to connect with other human beings on such a intense setting such as s#x can really boost your emotions to explore more of that kind of pleasure as well as happiness in yourself.
Physical Improvements

Having s#x as often as you can, can do wonders for your physical health. Essentially, when you are having s#x you are strengthening your cardiovascular system as well as your leg, hip, back, and muscles. Not too mention the weight your burn while you are busy.

Mental Stability

When you are feeling stressed, crushed, or are just in a weird state of mind, s#x can restore all of your positive thoughts and even get rid of all the doubt you were ever feeling before. Well, it may seem hard to perform while under that stress, but even with cuddling you begin to release a hormone that is known as Oxytocin, including dopamine which can melt all of your stress away.


Helps Your Youth Last Longer

By having s#x as often as you can, you are already off to a good start in defying your eternal clock. For women, s#x triggers a certain chemical that produces a human growth hormone which enables the process.

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