Lewd Chinese Couple Shocks Subway Passengers with Their Extreme Public Display of Affection

For many couples, a little public display of affection may seem harmless, especially when there aren’t that many people looking. But while a subtle smooch or romantic gesture might seem a little awkward for onlookers, this couple’s actions inside a train in China was just overboard—and passengers were shocked at their behavior!

The couple attracted so much attention that one passenger decided to take a picture and upload it on Chinese social media.

In the photos, a woman in a one-piece dress rested her head on the man’s lap, whose face is so close to her that he could just kiss her anytime. But that wasn’t it. The worst part was the man’s other hand was situated on the woman’s groin, as she opened her legs allowing him to do so.

Because the passenger didn’t give any details regarding the incident, it isn’t clear if the woman or both of them were intoxicated at that time. But one thing is for sure—they obviously didn’t care.

It is always best to keep intimate things private.

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