5 People With Incredible Superpowers!

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I'm sure at some point in your life you've been asked, if you could have any superpower, what would it be?

For me it would probably be the ability to teleport.

While no one on this list can teleport, the superpowers they do have would still be incredible to possess especially number 1 which will blow your mind.

So in this list, I'll be showing you 5 people with incredible superpowers.

5) Benedetto Supino

Bernedetto Supino from Italy discovered he had a dangerous power at the age of 10.
In 1982 when he was in a dentist's waiting room, the comic book he was reading burst into flames.
He said he started the fire using just his mind.
His claims were quickly dismissed by friends & family, however over time more and more fires would start in his presence.
For example, he once set his own bed on fire whilst sleeping suffering severe burns.
He also managed to set fire to a piece of plastic his uncle was holding and wherever he went, furniture, paper, books and other items would start to burn.
His amazing ability although involuntary came to the public's attention.
Investigators and doctors where stumped and couldn't explain how he managed it.
Although his ability was never recorded or verified scientifically, numerous witnesses have said it to be true.

4) Noorsyaidah

This isn't much of a superpower but its certainly very strange.
Noorsyaidah a school teacher from Indonesia has the strange ability to grow metal wires out of her body.
When she was a student she noticed a wire coming out of her body whilst taking a bath.
The next day more wires started emerging.
The wires would grow 10-20cm long, before falling off.
Right after a new wire would then emerge from where the old wire was.
When her story gained media attention, she was offered free medical care to see if doctors could cure her.
However doctors were stumped, they examined the wires and did numerous different tests on her but couldn't identify the cause.
They did however identify that the wires came from under the skin and not deep within her body.
The sad part is these wires cause her a lot of pain, plus they are also always rusty.
She has to live with the condition for the rest of her life, unless doctors can finally identify what the cause is and maybe develop a cure.

3) Prahlad Jani

Prahlad Jani a 86 year old man from India has a superpower that will save him a lot of money.
He hasn't had any food or drink for 76 years.
Now while it's impossible to verify this claim, he has proven the ability to live without food or water for a very long time.
In 2010 he was held in isolation at a hospital and monitored by healthcare professionals.
He went 10 days without food and drink, and showed no signs of ill health.
This has given his claim to not eating or drinking for 76 years some strength despite it being medically impossible.
He clearly possesses some extraordinary ability that allows him to go without food and water for a very long time.

2) Martin Laurello

Martin Laurello was a German-American circus performer.
His ability was one that would kill any other person.
He was able to turn his head a full 180 degrees.
It's not much of a useful superpower but one that does defy what a human body is capable of.
I guess in his case, the saying of having eyes in the back of your head, is actually quite true.

1) Master Zhou

Master Zhou probably has the most amazing superpowers than anyone on this list.
His ability comes from harnessing Chi energy.
Which in Chinese culture is said to the life force or energy flow of all living beings.
He is capable of heating up water and other objects using just his hands.
His claims have been tested by scientists who used thermal imaging cameras and sensors.
What they saw was heat in excess of 93 degrees Celsius (200 Fahrenheit) coming from his hands.
Wet towels would start steaming as he showed off his abilities.
But creating high levels of heat from his hands wasn't his only power.
He was also able to use Chi as a invisible shield.
On TV he demonstrated this by piling up bricks on his head, then having someone smash the bricks with a sledgehammer.
He was also able to cut through a brick using nothing more than folded paper.
It doesn't end there though, Chi can also be used for healing, and he claims to have the ability to heal the sick using just his hands.
What he can do defies modern science, so he's either an excellent illusionist, or actually learnt how to harness a power that rests within us all.

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