5 Most Bizarre Festivals In The World!

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Festivals are events that celebrate a certain aspect of our human existence. They are usually being held annually and bring members of a community together to strengthen the ties between members and to revive their collective spirit. But some festivals are just weird for the sake of being weird.. Like WEIRD! So prepare to see the 5 Most Bizarre Festivals In The World! Lets...Begin!

1. La Tomatina

The Spanish festival began by accident in Buñol, Valencia, in 1945 when a quarrel between a few local boys led to a tomato fight. The following year the boys brought tomatoes from home and a tradition was born. The official rules of the festival call for people to squash the tomatoes before throwing them and not to throw anything else. In 2013 the number of participants was limited to ensure safety. And now, is a very popular festival in Spain!

2. The Roadkill Cookoff

If you ever stumble into the small town of Marlinton, West Virginia, during September, a weird fragrance will fill your nostrils – a fragrance of cooked roadkill. The festival, which was founded in 1991, was inspired by a roadkill cook book. Participants are welcome to win prizes based on their culinary skills with one rule – the meat has to be that of animals scraped off the roads, so most chances are you’ll find dishes of Possums, wild hogs, squirrels and porcupines. Now that....is kinda gross!

3. Tough Mudder

The tough mudder is an obstacle course where competitors need to finish a run of 10-12 Miles while overcoming bizarre obstacles such as the arctic enema ( which is a dumpster filled with ice water) or the electric eel ( which is a slide on electrified mud). The 2015 competition in France caused more than 1,000 competitors to get seriously ill because the mud they ran in was filled with animal feces. So yeah... you wont see me in the Tough Mudder anytime soon!

4. Cow Chip Throwing Competition

Yep, in Wisconsin during the month of September there is a festival dedicated to the throwing of dried cow turds. The current record is held at 248 ft. and you’re more than welcome to try and break it.... But please, be careful.....By the way, the festival’s slogan is: “No Gloves, Licking Your Hands Is Allowed To Get A Better Grip”. All I have to say is: Go Ahead, I dare you to lick ’em...

5. Holi

Holi is the Indian celebration of spring, colors, nature and love. This festival is held annually close to the vernal equinox, usually around the full moon of March and has been done so for several centuries. One of the more popular feats of the festival is the throwing of colors. While it is fun, most of the colors are chemical and can cause skin and eye infections as well as pollute water sources. There is a movement in India to use natural colors, as was done in the past. Anyhow, it looks kinda fun right?

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