18 Crazy Plane Fails

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Planes falling out of the sky and planes disappearing completely, check out 18 of the Craziest Plane Fails. 
13.Angel Fail

In an age where photo manipulation is becoming easier and easier,
it is hard not to be skeptical of the things you read on the internet.
For centuries, people have reported seeing angels and other apparitions from a different plane of existence.
This photo caused quite the stir amongst the millions of users on the world wide web,
as it was released as a photo taken of an angel in the sky.
However, it was actually a photo of a couple of Russian fighter jets.
People will believe any plane on the internet.

12.Ok looks good

This pilot took off in the face of a tornado. This was a boeing 737 taking off from an airport in the UK. I can only imagine being a passenger, and being extremely worried about the wind tunnel that is just cruising behind us. I bet this happens all the time, though.. Right? Pilot” we may be experiencing some turbulence.” well no kidding! Hey, next stop is OZ. Hope you like Lollipops and flying monkeys.

11.Bad Landing

This is a Russian aircraft carrier, and the plane here is a Su-33. He came in high, and flared too much. Luckily, for this pilot he was able to get the plane back up in the air so he could give it another go.

10.St Barts landing

In this photo, a guy in a scooter is almost clipped by this plane. I bet the guy behind him is glad he had a convertible, as this plane nearly misses him by inches. The landing strip coming into the Island of St. Barts is described as compact. I think that might be a bit of an understatement.

9.Barcelona close call.

Here we see two passenger Jets at the Barcelona Airport, on a collision course. This shows a Russian UTair plane coming from Moscow, about to land. When all of the sudden an Argentinian air bus taxis into its lane. Luckily the pilot Of the Russian plane aborted the landing and barely cleared the other plane, to safely avoid thecollision.

8.Air New Zealand flight 901

Mountains are hard. This is a picture of debris that was left over from flight 901. In 1979, this plane flew into a mountain on Antarctica. It instantly killed the 237 passengers and the 20 crew members. It would actually go down as New Zealand's worst peacetime disaster.

7.Crosswind landing

This is a photo of A Turkish Airlines, Boeing 777 trying to stick a wicked cross wind landing Emirates. This has gone viral all over the internet, it’s almost like the pilot was doing some skateboarding tricks.

6.Landing Gear Fail

This flight was forced to make an emergency landing when its left landing gear failed to deploy. The pilot retracted the other landing gear and ditched to a belly landing. Everyone on the flight was ok. The plane might need a paint job though.

5.Trans Asian Engin Fail

This is a picture of Flight 235 plummeting into a river in Taiwan shortly after take off. The two engines cut out as the plane was climbing out of the city. Out of the fifty two passengers and five crew on board, only fifteen people survived. This was the second Trans Asian flight to go down within a very short period of time. Man, I am never riding in a plain that has Asia in the name.

4.Ramstein Airshow Disaster

On a nice August day in Germany in 1988, 300,000 people were attending the Ramstein Air Show. The air show was going great until, a single plane in a dangerous stunt collided above with the other planes. Ten Aermacchi MB_339 Pan jets were involved in the collision above the onlooking crowd. Sixty Seven spectators died, as well as three pilots. This goes down as the second most deadly air show of all time.


You all remember this plane, how could you forget, the media wouldn't drop it for months. I put it on the fail list because they just lost it. How do you just lose a plane? Maybe it will turn up on google earth, or like I tell my kids, they flew to heaven.

2.Sknyliv Airshow Disaster

This picture was taken at Skyliv Airfield, in Ukraine. In 2002, at an air show, a Jet fighter lost control during a rolling maneuver. The plane came down, then flattened out,and then started cartwheeling. The pilots were able to eject and sustained minor injuries. The crowd, sustained 77 deaths, including 19 children. 543 citizens were also injured.

1. Singapore Airlines

This is a picture of a Singapore Airlines, passenger flight out of New Zealand. It looks as if this was a near miss! I bet the people at the end of the runway didn't need any coffee that day.

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