12 Largest Animals You Won't Believe Exist

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Here are 12 animals so big it's amazing they've set world records and it's hard to believe that they're actually real especially that cow!

7. The African Giant Snail
This species of snail is the largest on earth and can grow to a length of up to an impressive 8-inches. They’re mostly known for being an invasive species that can cause damage to the environment and are already considered as a local pest in the state of Florida. They’ve even started to appear in other states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio because of illegal breeders. Back in 1966, a young Florida boy managed to smuggle three of these snails into the US where his grandmother then placed them into her garden. Over the course of 7 years, the three snails grew to a population of more than 18,000 and the eradication effort cost Florida $1 million and 10 years.

6. The Weta Cricket
This massive species of cricket once roamed the mainland of New Zealand but were wiped out when the Europeans accidentally introduced rats into the local population. They can now only be found on Little Barrier Island where they reside in the forests. That’s where this viral picture of a weta cricket eating a carrot was taken by Mark Moffett and his research team. Like most insects, the weta doesn’t have any lungs so it manages to breathe in oxygen through the tiny holes located all throughout its exoskeleton. They grow to be almost 4 inches long and weigh up to 30 grams, while a weta that’s filled with eggs can weigh up to 70 grams, which makes it one of the heaviest documented insects to ever exist.

5. The Titan Beetle
Scientifically known as Titanus giganteus, the titan beetle gets its name from the fact that it happens to be the largest beetle species on earth. These not-so-little critters can grow to be a frightening length of 6 ½ inches long. The short mandibles that it comes equipped with are powerful enough to snap a pencil in half and is able to easily pierce into human flesh. Not to worry. Though this scary-looking beetle sounds terrifying, they actually won’t attack unless they’re feeling provoked and emit a hissing noise to notify potential attackers to back off. That being said, don’t provoke them. However, it’s highly doubtful that any sane person would go off looking to anger this living nightmare.

4. Blossom The Cow
This giant Holstein cow named Blossom became quite a sensation when she was given the title as the world’s tallest cow by Guinness World Records last year. She stood at a towering height of six-feet and two-inches with a girth of 13-feet and weighing around 2,000 pounds, that’s 300 pounds heavier than the average Holstein cow. She spent her 13-years alive living on a farm with her owner Ms. Patty Meads-Hanson in Orangeville, Illinois. Sadly, Blossom passed away last year back on May 26, 2015, due to a leg injury that she sustained and was deemed irreparable.

3. Darius the Rabbit
Officially known as the world’s largest rabbit, Darius pictured below is measured at being 4-feet and 4-inches with an incredible weight of 49 pounds. He lives in the UK with his owner Annette Edwards and his son Jeff, who's close to surpassing his dad’s immense size considering he’s almost 4-feet and still has 6 months to continue growing . Having giant pet rabbits seems like a good time but it’s actually quite costly. Edwards spends up to 5,000 pounds a year just to feed them as they consume 700 apples, 2,000 carrots, hay, and lots of cabbage to keep them healthy year round.

2. Ludo The Housecat
Ludo here is a type of cat breed known as a Maine Coon which are typically one of the largest groups in the feline world and he’s 3 times larger than the average cat. Not only does he weigh a whopping 24.5 pounds and is almost 4-feet long, but he’s only 17-months-old and is still continuously growing. Ludo lives in Ryhill, West Yorkshire, with his owners Kelsey and Matthew Gill after they purchased him from a breeder back in 2014. He’s much bigger than their other two Maine Coons, double the size to be exact, and is nothing more than a gentle giant who doesn’t really eat much compared to the other two.

1. Zeus The Great Dane
This enormous dog comes from one of the largest breeds known and he is recognized as the tallest dog ever. Zeus lived in Otsego, Michigan with his owners Kevin and Denise Doorlag where he lived to be at the age of five. Standing on his hind legs, Zeus stood at a towering height of 7-feet and 4-inches tall and weighed 155 pounds. Unfortunately, Zeus passed away back on September 3, 2014, just a couple months shy of his sixth birthday. Not only was he famous for his large size but he was also a therapy dog at local schools and hospitals. He may be gone but his memory will live on in the record books.

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